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Nick 'Meaty' Miethe

Nick 'Meaty' Miethe

Learn like you eat, one byte at a time

I’m Nick Miethe, and welcome to, a constant stream of data from my brain to yours!

On this site lives my blog, where you’ll find a wealth of information on a variety of topics, depending on where my head is at on any given day.

Whether you’re interested in deep dives on OpenShift, discussions on Software/Solution Architecture, or even Distracted thoughts on a variety of hobbies, there’s probably something for you here!


OpenShift Service Mesh: Unleashing the Power of Microservices
·11 mins· 0
Technical Introduction Guide OpenShift Service Mesh Istio Envoy Microservices Kiali Jaeger Multi-tenancy Namespace Isolation mTLS Operators Networking Service Mesh OpenShift
9 Game-Changing OpenShift Patterns Introduced by ACM
·9 mins· 0
Technical Architecture Advanced Cluster Management ACS Ansible Design Patterns GitOps Backstage OTP Submariner Istio Skupper Edge NFR Cloud Native Multi-cloud OpenShift Platform Engineering ACM Solution Architecture Kubernetes Patterns Hybrid Cloud
Consulting Careers: Phenominal Cosmic Expertise, Ity Bity Experience
·22 mins· 0
Career Introduction Guide Tech Consulting Management Consulting Career Path Career Development Consulting Business Leadership
Simplify TLS Cert Management with OCP cert-manager Operator
·8 mins· 0
Technical Introduction Guide cert-manager Operator SSL TLS cert-manager Encryption Ingress OpenShift Kubernetes Networking Security Operators Platform Engineering
Customizing the OpenShift Console URL with TLS
·7 mins· 0
Technical Introduction Guide Ingress OCP Customization TLS Console Security Platform Engineering Networking OpenShift
Architecting a Vision: Understanding Solution Architecture
·7 mins· 0
Career Architecture Technical Introduction Solution Architecture DevOps IT Platform Engineering Architect TOGAF Platform Engineering Solution Architecture
Design Pattern Templates for OpenShift: Part 1
·5 mins· 0
Technical Design Guide OpenShift Serverless Virtualization DevSecOps Shift-Left Patterns OpenShift Kubernetes Solution Architecture Hybrid Cloud Platform Engineering
Raising an Engineer: Teaching the Wrong Lessons
·6 mins· 0
Career Engineering Development Life Lessons Education Engineering Personal Development
How OpenShift Fulfills the 9 Pillars of SRE Practices
·4 mins· 0
Technical OpenShift SRE Site Reliability Engineering Cloud Computing Platform Engineering DevOps OpenShift SRE Cloud Computing