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I’ve gone through numerous blog iterations over the years, but this is the first time one has really felt like the right fit. And I think the reason is reflective of who I am.

I’m a Distracted Hobbyist, I’m a font of knowledge on OpenShift, I’m a Dad and Husband, big brother, Christian, and more! I’m Nick Miethe, or Meaty. And MeatyBytes is a direct stream from my ADHD brain, directed by who I am most that day.

In the real world, I’m a Tech Consultant at a small start-up called BoxBoat, which was acquired by IBM a couple of years ago. Specifically, I’m an Associate Partner and the OpenShift Practice Lead in IBM Consulting. Much of my focus is on OpenShift enablement and advocacy, pre-sales, and complex solutioning. To the lattermost point, I am also the lead PoC and SME of SMEs for all Platform design/build work in IBM Consulting.


The Topics covered on a given Monday may not seem connected to Tuesday’s post (and perhaps they aren’t!), but I can promise that they are all part of the larger solution that is my knowledge base. And often times, each post is still being influenced by the others around it. So go, dive in and learn about the many topics I cover in this blog. Take a Byte, or 10 million, and tell me what you think!

And please do consider a connect on LinkedIn or a message through here, or even shoot me an email. I’d love to chat and network with anyone interested in anything that would’ve brought you here!